What if You Could Film One Video and Repurpose It 6 Different Ways?

These Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) give you the exact, step-by-step checklists that you need to Quickly, Easily, and Consistently take a simple video and use it in a variety of ways to drive traffic and leads.

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“Cristina’s SOPs are first and foremost easy to follow and understand, as well as implement.”

Monica D.

CEO/ Founder

“Cristina’s SOPs are first and foremost easy to follow and understand, as well as implement.”

Monica D.

CEO/ Founder

Content Marketing is Time-Consuming!

You know “content is king” and you need to publish regularly if you want to  win search results and drive traffic from social media — but it’s hard!

Struggling to Meet Your Own Deadlines

It takes you way longer than it should to write and publish new content and you’re missing your deadlines.

Posting Substandard Quality to Get By

When it comes to content, something is not better than nothing — but you already know that.

Frustrated At Not Being Able to Outsource Writing

You know you can’t do it all yourself, but you are struggling to find someone else that’s good enough to help.

SOPS Are the Secret to Working Smarter

I know that’s a bold claim — but it’s true.

These 6 SOPs will help give you a documented, step-by-step, easy-to-follow system for quickly, painlessly, and regularly creating new content that will grow your business.

You could keep trying to figure it out on your own… but why should you when these are FREE and ready for you to put into place in your business today.

This SOP 6-Pack Includes:

Turn a Video into a Blog Post

Turn your video into a content piece for your blog and double down on that SEO-goodness to double the amount of traffic you’re getting.

Turn a Blog Post into a Newsletter

Promote your latest content pieces to your list, nurture them and keep yourself top of mind with one SOP.

Turn a Video into a Podcast Episode

Easily distribute your content to even more channels with the help of this SOP and build an all-encompassing online brand.

Repurpose One Video into 2 Weeks Worth of Social Media Posts

Get off the content creation hamster wheel and enjoy two weeks worth of social media posts out of a single 7-14 minute video.

Stream a Pre-Recorded Video as LIVE

This allows you to take advantage of the increased organic reach that live videos typically get without the pressure to actually deliver a video in front of a live audience.

Optimize Video for Posting on LinkedIn

This SOP describes the optimal way to prepare a video for posting on LinkedIn in order to get the maximum amount of organic reach for it.

What Other People Say

Mike Harvey

Business Growth Domination

It’s really been a huge time saver for me. This SOP pack helped me to take something that was a big process and make it simple AND it enabled me to repurpose a lot of the stuff that I was already doing. It also allowed me to delegate a big portion of that, which saved me a lot of hours every week.

Huge Time Saver

Dan Bennett

1 Minute Media

I’d heard of SOPs before but had never implemented one in my business. Cristina not only taught me how to do that, she gave me great reference materials that I can use to start creating my own SOPs. The templates Cristina offers when you work with her are not only  actionable and applicable, they’re also GORGEOUS!

Super Valuable!

AJ Saunders

My Dream Haus

Cristina has the ability to breakdown complex processes into easy to follow steps that can be followed by anyone. This allows you to delegate key tasks and reclaim time, safe in the knowledge that the task will be completed using your benchmark. In a world of fluff, Cristina delivers gold that cuts through the noise enabling you to build your dream life.

Easy to Follow Process

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