How To Turn ONE Podcast Episode into 13+ Pieces of Content

As a podcaster, you devote a ton of time creating audio gold for your show. You spend hours in front of the microphone and cutting through recordings to make sure episode after episode provides valuable content to your listeners…

Every. Single. Week.

And I’m sure you want more listeners to find your podcast and hit play. But how are you supposed to share all of those awesome episodes to expand your reach? And how do you come up with new ways to share them?

That’s where repurposed content comes in.

You take your 1 podcast episode and make several pieces of shareable content out of it. These become your marketing assets and ammo to share your content in unique ways that make your podcast stand out.

Sharing 1 episode multiple ways is crucial. In an experiment by HubSpot, they tested sharing 1 piece of content 50 different ways, leading to a 150% increase in views.

Repurposing also allows you to diversify the way you visually share your podcast episode, expand your reach, and target different goals with each asset.

Nearly 60% of marketers reuse content 2–5 times. The reason it isn’t more is because of lack of time. And I get it. That’s why I’m going to show you how to create easy-to-edit templates that let you repurpose just ONE podcast episode into 11 different pieces of content in less than 3 hours. Let’s dive in.

STEP 1: Choose a Few Highlights from Your Episode

Go through your episode and choose the following:

  1. Two 1-minute audio clips (We’ll teach you how to cut this audio later)
  2. 3 quotes

If you aren’t sure what audio clips to grab, here are a few best practices:

  • It’s best not to go over 1 minute if you intend to share these clips on Instagram at any point. If you have a section that you really don’t want to cut down, choose 1 clip that’s under a minute and 1 clips that’s as long as it needs to be. But make sure you have something you can post on your Instagram feed (under 60 seconds)
  • Choose clips that evoke emotion, are controversial, or evoke open-ended curiosity. This clip needs to encourage someone to listen to the full episode. They should feel hooked
  • The clips should still be a full thought or sentence. If they’re cut off or the message isn’t complete, it will come across as messy
  • If you have a podcast that interviews other guests, it’s always great to capture a minute of their audio in at least 1 of the 2 clips—the guest be more inclined to share it on their own social media pages

And for quotes, keep this in mind:

  • The shorter, the better. If you have a lengthy quote, you’ll notice the design element becomes trickier. And people tend to skim, so keep it brief
  • If your episode brings up any unique or surprising statistics, these work great as quotes
  • Choose something that both your guest and audience would be proud to share with their own network
  • Much like with the clip, if you quote your guest, they’ll be more inclined to broadcast it

Once you have those pieces, let’s move on.

STEP 2: Turn Those 2 1-Minute Clips into 6 Audiograms

If you haven’t heard of Descript, it’s awesome. This is the free tool you’ll use to create subtitles for your episode. 

When it comes to cutting audio, you can use tools like Audacity (free and easy!), Pro Tools, or Adobe Audition.

To break things down, you’ll be making 4 audiograms in this 1.5 hours:

  • 2 square audiograms (one per clip)—for Facebook and Instagram feed
  • 2 vertical audiograms (one per clip)—for Instagram Story and IGTV
  • 2 widescreen audiograms (one per clip)—for YouTube

To do this, download and install the Descript video editing templates from the next lesson. Upload your audio snippet to Descript and let the templates do all the work to transcribe and add subtitles to your snippet.

You'll notice there are templates for vertical, square and landscape formats, I recommend using all of them.

Once you've checked the subtitles for accuracy, export the audio and it's time to move to Canva.

The Canva video templates are also in the next lesson, so go ahead and install those now.

Note: You do NOT need a Pro account in order to use the templates.

Upload your audio files extracted from Descript to Canva and place them in the design.

Once that's done, you can either download the videos from Canva and schedule your social media posts, or Canva can actually schedule and post them for you!

Quick Bonus

Now that you have your widescreen audiogram, you want to upload it to YouTube with your transcriptions separate. This makes every single word in your clip searchable. Here’s why uploading it (and even uploading just your audio-only podcast) to YouTube is so important:

  • Google owns YouTube. This is SEO gold. Again, this makes your clips and episodes searchable based on keywords or tags used.
  • 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Time to get on board.
  • The number of channels earning 6 figures each year on YouTube has increased by 50% year-over-year. More content on YouTube = more opportunity to monetize your show.

Create Your Thumbnail for Your Episode

You already have your templates created, which is the hardest part. Now, customize 1 thumbnail in Canva or Photoshop for your episode for YouTube. That may mean changing the episode title, guest name, episode number, and/or image.

STEP 3: Create 3 Image Quotes

Again, the power of the templates is HUGE here. We’re allotting for 5 minutes per image quote here. You already have your 3 templates. Now you simply place in your quote, guest image—or other images if applicable—text, and download.

Simple as that!

Keep in mind, the goal is to make the quotes from the same episode all look like very different pieces of content, so your viewers constantly think you’re sharing new material, and that it resonates with viewers in different ways.

And there you have it! Eleven unique content pieces for 1 podcast episode in just 3 hours. WHEW!

Now you can share your pieces of content and spread the word about your awesome episodes. Happy podcasting!

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