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By Cristina Samoila
About ClickUp Templates

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Learn how to use this course and the templates included. This is helpful if you’re relatively new to ClickUp and feeling overwhelmed by all of the customizations you can do.

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In this lesson you’ll learn why I love using ClickUp to organize tasks, processes, projects, and track what my team is working on at any given time.

This ClickUp template is designed to assess and sort your ideas according to importance or urgency, and can be used to determine if your ideas for new content or projects are a good fit for your business. With this template it’s as simple as entering your idea into a form which will create a new task in ClickUp, assigning the idea a “stage” in the review process and using the ICE (impact, confidence, ease) rating to see if it’s suitable for our time and resources.

This template creates a customer service desk for you to use within ClickUp. It includes automations that can send automated responses to customer queries. The template is very helpful as a customer service desk if your business is not large enough to use Zendesk or similar big-scale services. It allows you to assign customer service tasks to your staff, as well as flag tasks according to priority and set due dates. You’ll also be able to easily view which tasks are completed and outstanding, and see the workload on your staff.

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This template offers you many different options to create SOPs that will help your employees complete their daily work and tasks, and allows you to track what’s getting done, track specific KPIs, avoid miscommunication, and achieve better productivity. Use the SOP Task List template to develop SOPs for everything your staff does for your business and its customers.

This template will provide a step-by-step structure to manage content production, repurposing and promotion within ClickUp. It includes primary content such as YouTube videos, newsletters, social media, podcast or blog series.

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Cristina Samoila

I know that what you want most is for your business to make it. With over 7 years of experience, I've helped entrepreneurs get hundreds of hours of their time back and scale their businesses to 7 figures and beyond...if your business isn't bringing you joy, I can absolutely help.

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