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By Cristina Samoila
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Use my Process Maps course to map out each of the processes I’ve included for your business. I’ve included templates for various popular process maps to get you started.

Create your own 90-day coaching program with my 90-Day Coaching with this process map. It includes all the steps you need to create and implement a successful program. It’s a great visual tool to help you and your team brainstorm all the steps and components involved in setting up and launching your program, and helps you identify any processes that need to be changed or eliminated while building your program.

In this lesson, you’ll gain access to a process map to repurpose your content. You’ll learn how to turn one piece of content into several pieces that can be used for social media channels, blogs, and videos. Repurposing your content gives you a larger ROI for each piece of content you create, and saves you time and mental calories.

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The Podcast Process Map breaks down all of the components of creating and managing a podcast to gain authority and brand recognition. Creating a podcast is a low-budget way to build an audience and create a high-value network. Each time you record an episode or are a guest speaker on other podcasts, you build more authority in your industry and have the chance to promote your products and services.

A DiSC assessment, which was popularized by Tony Robbins, is a personality assessment focused on discovering what part of your personality holds you back and the part that helps you succeed. This process map offers a more organized approach to DiSC assessments and shows you how to create a DiSC assessment the right way. The DiSC assessments can be used as a training aid for your sales team to communicate with customers better.

This is the BeeProductive Company Blueprint which you can use as an example and a template to build your own company blueprint.

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Cristina Samoila

I know that what you want most is for your business to make it. With over 7 years of experience, I've helped entrepreneurs get hundreds of hours of their time back and scale their businesses to 7 figures and beyond...if your business isn't bringing you joy, I can absolutely help.

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