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By Cristina Samoila
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You’ll use the report templates in this course for all of your reporting needs within your business. Each lesson includes the information needed to implement the templates and which software to use.

The Marketing Agency Reporting Dashboard contains 2 resources: a Client Dashboard an Aggregate Data Dashboard These dashboards help you keep track of your clients’ results. The Client Dashboard allows your clients to see their information and stay updated on their projects. The Aggregate Data Dashboard allows you to view all of your client data, tasks, and projects live in one place.

The Sales Team End-of-day Report is a template that the sales team fills out at the end of each day, allowing you to track your sales team’s metrics daily. The template contains the report form template, a spreadsheet of results from the form, and a visual report of the spreadsheet data.

A growing social media following offers you more brand awareness, and it helps your followers think of you when they need the type of products and services you offer. The Social Media Growth Tracker is a spreadsheet template that allows you to track how your organic social media is growing, and the effectiveness of your social media strategy over time.

The Organic Outreach Leads Tracker is a spreadsheet template for tracking your organic outreach leads. This template is ideal for you if you often send out cold emails and messages as part of your marketing campaigns, and will help you determine which campaigns are successful, and which are not.

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