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By Cristina Samoila
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Use the lessons contained within the Strategic Planning Docs course to set up key strategies for your business. You’ll learn how to identify your ideal customer and define their journey, plan your content, create a quarterly plan, and visualize your organization within a flowchart.

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In this lesson, you’ll learn what a customer avatar is and how to use it to discover your ideal customer. You’ll also learn how to identify their values, pain points, and objections, and use this information to create marketing campaigns that speak directly to them, thereby increasing your sales and ROI of your marketing efforts.

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In this lesson, you’ll learn about the “lotus blossom” content map, and how to use it to plan out a year's worth of content. The lotus blossom allows you to identify content that’s geared toward your customer avatar’s central problem and learn how a lotus blossom content map works and how you can use it to plan your content for the year. You’ll access this lesson via Miro, an online whiteboard tool. When you are ready to use the template, use the selection tool to highlight the lotus blossom, and then use Ctrl+C to copy it. Paste the template into your own Miro account by pressing Ctrl+V. Each of the squares within the blossom expands into cards that your team can use to make notes and collaborate.

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In this lesson, you’ll receive a quarterly planning document template. Use this template to create a quarterly plan with short-term goals that help drive longer-term goals. This gives you a sense of progress and achievement as you check off each goal. Make a copy of the included template in either Google Docs or your word processing program of choice. Fill in the template at each quarterly planning meeting to keep track of your progress.

The Organizational/Accountability Chart is a template that combines a basic organizational chart with the accountability chart that Gino Wickman swears by in his book Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business. This template helps you to identify the key KPIs to track the performance of each member of your organization and also helps identify which team members are at each level of your organization.

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The Customer Value Journey is a customer's path from becoming aware of your brand to becoming a raving fan of your brand. This lesson includes a template to help you define what the customer journey looks like for your business, and identify the specific events that need to occur (and in what sequence) to take a prospect, convert them to a customer and turn them into a fan that wants to promote your business to others. Make a copy of the template to fill out for each of your sales funnels to use it. It will help you optimize the step-by-step process of attracting and keeping your best customers.

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Cristina Samoila

I know that what you want most is for your business to make it. With over 7 years of experience, I've helped entrepreneurs get hundreds of hours of their time back and scale their businesses to 7 figures and beyond...if your business isn't bringing you joy, I can absolutely help.

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