Take the Sting Out of Running Your Business.

The Sting Operation Accelerator will give you a complete, front-to-back business with processes, SOP's, automations, templates and everything you need to run & scale your agency or coaching business within 12 months.

Why Invest in This Program?

Spend less time training people and watching over their shoulder.

Deliver consistent work quality and reduce customer service requests.

Increase your team's capacity without sacrificing quality.

Stress less and have more time to spend on what's making you happy.

Guaranteed Growth for Coaches, Consultants & Agency Owners.

It's simple! Every month, we take one of your core processes, we map it out it, optimize it and train your people to use it, while you sit back and refocus on what matters.

Within 12 months, you will have a business that has every core process documented and everything you need get your business up and off the ground.

What Process Do you Want to Start With?


Customer onboarding is much more than a series of follow-up meetings asking the client if they're happy with their purchase. It's a part of the purchasing decision that many customers weigh heavily when signing a deal.

But what should the process for client onboarding be? And where do you start?


There's a lot that has to go right when launching a paid traffic campaign, from having the right strategy and targeting, to making sure you have your tracking pixels installed and proper attribution figured out.

It's easy to miss a step when the magic lives inside your head, so let us get it out of there and into an actionable, delegate-able process that your team can use.


One of the biggest reasons customers churn is because they don't see the value in the product or service they purchased. When your customers are happy, engaged, and have positive experiences with your business, they're more likely to make repeat purchases.

The fulfillment process is what ensures that all the hard work you put into getting a customer, vetting them and onboarding them doesn't go to waste.

Want to get started?


Just as crucial as client onboarding, onboarding your employees the right way enables them to become productive members of the team much faster and with a lot less headaches and stress from your end.


Does every member of your team know the direction in which your business is heading? Do you?

With this process, you can create clarity for your team and when everyone knows exactly what direction the company is heading in and how to get there, everyone will experience massive momentum in the process.


You know “content is king” and you need to publish regularly if you want to win search results and drive traffic from social media — but it’s hard!

It takes you way longer than it should to write and publish new content, you know you can’t do it all yourself, but you are struggling to find someone else that’s good enough to help.

You could keep trying to figure it out on your own… but why should you when there's already a proven process we could implement right away?


There's a lot that goes into qualifying and closing a prospect and passing them on to the fulfillment team without causing a disconnect.

From setting up your CRM, to setting & tracking goals and KPI's for your sales team, you won't miss a single detail when you're working with a proven process.


Whether you're offboarding a client or an employee, there's a right way and a wrong way to go about it.

We want to ensure we are protected while preserving the relationship we have built with the person on the other end.

We may not like to think about this process but it is no less important than everything else we do inside our business.

Here's how It works


Get Aligned

We get together with you to get an understanding of your business, your existing team and processes and your priorities.


Master the Details

We take one process per month, according to your priorities, and we turn it into a well-oiled machine. 


Enjoy Your Time Back

You'll get back at least 2 hours of your time every week that you can reinvest into whatever makes you happy!

You Are Backed Up by Our Time-Saving Guarantee.

If you and your team don't sve at least 2 hours every week within the first 60 days, we'll give you your money back and you can keep anything we've already built for you!






Hours saved

What's All the Buzz About?

Chantelle Kadala

Writer & Content Marketer

If you're struggling with trying to figure out how you can do more, faster, and better then BeeProductive is a life changer. As a business owner with clients, there are dozens of processes, responsibilities, and deliverable getting juggled weekly. Specially, the SOPs (standard operating procedures) have really helped me manage my workflow and given me the ability to delegate and outsource tasks that don't require my personal attention to get done. That means I can focus on doing the profit work and not the admin work. That boost in productivity is priceless. I HIGHLY recommend Cristina and BeeProductive.

Karma Hunter

Conversion Strategist

I have downloaded the content SOP's. I really love the step-by-step instructions and how detailed the lists are. If you use their services they will deliver proven methods that are designed to drive results.

Octav Victor


Cristina is a wonderful person to work with. She is one of the first persons with who I collaborated, and regarding that, all the information delivered by her is well explained, well structured, and great overall. If it happened for me to not understand exactly something, she had the patience to explain and make sure it all came out good in the end. It's so nice when you work with patient people. I would totally recommend here, hands down nothing to complain about!

Mike Harvey

Business Growth Domination

Huge Time Saver

Cristina's SOPs have been a huge time saver for me. This SOP pack helped me to take something that was a big process and make it simple AND it enabled me to repurpose a lot of the stuff that I was already doing. It also allowed me to delegate a big portion of that, which saved me a lot of hours every week.

Christina Hooper

CEO, Sparkitive, LLC


Cristina is a Bada** at Business Systems

I can honestly say I've never met anyone like Cristina before. She's got a natural talent backed by years of experience and has been crucial to the success of our Superpowers Into Sales 90-Day Accelerator Program.

She's been with me every step of the way from conception to execution helping me make sure that my team could handle the workload, our clients were excited, and that we over-delivered on the results. If you get the chance to work with her, take it!!

Chrystal Mahan

CEO, Wildfire Marketing Services


Cristina is HANDS DOWN worth the investment at any level. 

She is brilliant and really helped me get our team organized, our systems organized, and get everything in the business primed, ready and able to scale up quickly. 

She has been invaluable to our operations on every single level and I highly recommend you sign up with her.

AJ Saunders

My Drean Haus

Easy to Follow Process

Cristina has the ability to breakdown complex processes into easy to follow steps that can be followed by anyone. This allows you to delegate key tasks and reclaim time, safe in the knowledge that the task will be completed using your benchmark. In a world of fluff, Cristina delivers gold that cuts through the noise enabling you to build your dream life.

Ryan Salvanera

Coach and Freelance Consultant

I strongly recommend working with Cristina if you are ready to take your business to the next level. She has a way of helping simplify processes. No wasted time and effort. This was definitely evident in the SOPs that Cristina shared with me, as it helped my team streamline our digital marketing process. Thanks again, Cristina. More power to you and BeeProductive.

Dan Bennett

I-Minute Media

I’d heard of SOPs before but had never implemented one in my business. Cristina not only taught me how to do that, she gave me great reference materials that I can use to start creating my own SOPs. The templates Cristina offers when you work with her are not only actionable and applicable, they’re also GORGEOUS!


Do I need to already know the process for you to work on it?

No! If you or someone on your team has the process in their mind already, we can work with them to get it out and optimize it, but we've done this enough times that we can advise you on what we've seen works best in your industry. Either way, you'll get the best possible outcome. 

My desired process isn't on your list!

The list of processes we can help you streamline includes but is not limited to everything that's on this page. If you need something that's not on this list, we'll work with you to create it.

What order do you take them in?

We can take this in whatever order best suits you, based on your company's priorities. On our onboarding call together we'll dive into your business model and create the roadmap together.

What does "fixing a process" include?

We'll start by mapping out your process based on what you're already doing and we'll optimize it based on what we already know is working. Next, we'll automate what can be automated and write Standard Operating Procedures for what has to be done manually. We'll ensure you have access to the best tools & softwares for the job, set it all up for you and train your team on how to use everything.

Am I contractually obligated to work with you for 12 months?

No. While we recommend staying with the program for 12 months in order to make sure we get to fix all the core processes in your business, we don't lock you in with contracts.

What if I want to move faster than one process per month?

If you're in a time pinch, this program might not be the best for you. We designed it to be one process per month so as not to put too much strain on your team by implementing too many changes at once. 

Still Not Convinced?

Fine, I'll throw in a freebie, everyone's doing it these days anyway, right?

When you sign up for The Sting Operation Accelerator program, you also get FREE access to The Sting Operation membership for as long as you stay with the program.

Inside the membership, you and your team get access to my private Slack channel where you can ask questions and get extra support while you're still learning.