Jordan, the owner of a digital marketing agency, specializes in running paid traffic on Facebook for coaches and consultants. When he approached us, he had hit a glass ceiling, struggling to scale his business despite high demand.

Picture this: Jordan was bogged down with a cumbersome, all-manual onboarding process, personally handling each new client. This inefficiency meant he could only onboard 2-3 new clients per month, even though demand was high enough to bring in 4-8 clients. The lengthy and convoluted onboarding also frustrated clients, causing some to churn before even completing the process.

Jordan reached out to us with a clear goal: streamline and automate his onboarding process to increase his capacity and reduce client churn. He needed a solution that would allow him to meet the growing demand for his services without compromising quality.

We started by fixing his onboarding form, the primary cause of client churn. This immediate action stopped the bleeding and stabilized his client retention.

Next, we automated 99% of his onboarding process. Clients came to the onboarding call primed, eliminating repetitive information and cutting onboarding time by 80%.

We then overhauled his fulfillment process. Transitioning from using Slack for project management, we set him up with a robust project management system, created detailed SOPs, and developed a client success tracking dashboard. These changes allowed Jordan to step back from the fulfillment process almost entirely.

Within the first two weeks, Jordan's capacity doubled. He could onboard more clients without feeling overwhelmed, and the immediate efficiency gains were palpable.

By the end of the second month, we had doubled his capacity again. The automation and streamlined processes were working seamlessly.

By the third month, his client churn rate had reduced by 48%. The improved onboarding experience and efficient fulfillment process kept clients engaged and satisfied.

Jordan’s ability to onboard more clients without compromising service quality was a significant milestone. His agency was no longer constrained by inefficiencies, and he could fully capitalize on the demand for his services.

Working with Jordan was a testament to the power of strategic automation and efficient systems. By addressing his onboarding and fulfillment bottlenecks, we transformed his business from struggling with capacity issues to thriving with scalable processes.

Jordan’s journey underscores how the right systems can break through barriers, setting up a business for sustained growth and success.

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