Meet Michael King.

Six years ago, he came to me with his digital agency.

Classic situation: he was outsourcing a lot, but still could only handle a couple of clients a month. Imagine working all hours and only seeing half your profits because you're paying an external team. 

Tough, right?

Michael was knee-deep in client work, and it felt like he was fighting fires daily. No clear service offer, just saying 'yes' to everything. It was chaos, and he was constantly stressed about not keeping up. I remember he told me it took him hours just to prep for one client meeting.

Can you believe that?

So, we rolled up our sleeves and got down to business. We built these killer fulfillment and support processes. The idea was to free him up from the constant client handling. We streamlined it so much that he only had to check in with each client every couple of weeks. 

And get this – his prep time for calls went down to just 15 minutes!

That change was a game-changer for Michael. He used all that extra time to create this high-ticket coaching program for his niche.

In 2023 alone, he made over $162,000 from it. The best part? An 80% profit margin because now he could keep all the implementation in-house. Massive jump from the less than 30% margins with his agency.

But Michael didn’t stop there. With the time he saved, he started another company and is now plotting a third one for 2024.

It’s crazy how much he’s grown.

Working with Michael really hit home for me how the right systems and processes can totally transform a business. It wasn’t just about the money; it was about giving him the space to think bigger and do more.

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