How to Track Traffic Sources from ClickFunnels (5 Minute Tutorial)

I have a question for you: have either of you ever tried to set up lead tracking in Active Campaign from a ClickFunnels landing page? 

I just tried it this weekend and it was a research process. I spent three days searching on Google and YouTube how to actually do this. And every solution that I found was more complicated and convoluted than the next one. 

So while I searched, I actually stumbled upon a method that is so goddamn simple. It's actually crazy. 

It requires five minutes of implementation, and no coding skills, no implementing any kind of HTML codes on your page, no fiddling with forms in Active Campaign. 

And even though I'm saying Active Campaign, it will work on pretty much any email service that you're using. 

The only thing is, it'll probably only work if you've built your landing page in ClickFunnels (which is what my challenge was to begin with). 

So I just want to show you just how easy this is. Below is a landing page that a client of mine has built in ClickFunnels.

We're actually not even going to go and modify or edit the page in any way. 

The only thing that we are going to do is create a zap through the automation service called Zapier, that's just going to pass the information from this page to Active Campaign (in my case). 

We're going to utilize UTM codes, which I'm pretty sure anybody who is in the marketing space will know what they are. 
So the only thing that I'm actually going to do is I'm just going to add “?utm_source=dungeons&dragonsto the end of my URL (Replace “dungeons&dragons” with what you’d like your lead source to be called inside of your CRM).

Don’t forget to hit enter. 

Note: We have the direct ActiveCampaign integration active on the page but we needed to supplement it with a Zapier integration in order to be able to pass the UTM source to Active Campaign.

Now let’s dive into the Zapier automation setup.

You’re going to choose ClickFunnels as your starting software because that's where our magic happens. 

I want the trigger to be “new contact activity” which is when new contact gets created. 

It’ll ask us to choose the account, aka the ClickFunnels account that we're working in. 

Then, we're going to set up the trigger.

It's going to ask us which funnel the landing page that we are using is built in and which is the funnel step.

Now, we need to create a test entry in order to test the trigger. So we're gonna optin via the form on the landing page.

Once you’ve opted in, you can now click on “Test trigger”, which should find your most recent entry that you’ll be able to select.

Now we can set up the action step.

We do that by mapping the fields available in Zapier to what we have sent from ClickFunnels.

Note: You should make sure to have a field inside your CRM to put the lead source information in. You can create a custom field if your CRM doesn’t come with one built-in.

This is a very intuitive step where you make sure you connect the email field from Zapier with the email field from ClickFunnels and so and so forth.

Your CRM lead source field should be amongst the ones you see available for you inside Zapier and all you need to do is to scroll down until you find the UTM source data from ClickFunnels and map it there.

You can see what that looks like below:

That's it, we're going to click Continue and we're going to retest the action.

You should now check to see if the lead came through your email software. 

Final step is to turn on your zap.

Here’s a screenshot of my test contact from  Active Campaign, just so I can show you that this actually worked.

You can see that the lead source here has been set to dungeons.

I hope this is helpful to you. It's been immensely illuminating to me when I found out just how simple this is and just how complicated everybody else on the internet was making it out to be.

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