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In this lesson, you’ll learn what a customer avatar is and how to use it to discover your ideal customer. You’ll also learn how to identify their values, pain points, and objections, and use this information to create marketing campaigns that speak directly to them, thereby increasing your sales and ROI of your marketing efforts.

The Financial Expenses Report is a template that allows you to export all of your banking data to identify and categorize all money coming in and going out of your accounts. Tracking your financial data is vital to the health of your business. Use the Financial Expenses Report to closely track your finances to identify spending trends and even catch expenses that can be reduced or cut to achieve higher profits. This template requires you to connect your accounts to an app such as Mint or Quicken to categorize your expenses and income daily. Export your categorized income and expenses into the Google spreadsheet template. It then generates a visual report of your finances from Google Data Studio. See the Mint to Google Sheets lesson from my Automation Templates course to automate this process.

People Audit

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The Organizational/Accountability Chart is a template that combines a basic organizational chart with the accountability chart that Gino Wickman swears by in his book Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business. This template helps you to identify the key KPIs to track the performance of each member of your organization and also helps identify which team members are at each level of your organization.


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The Marketing Agency Reporting Dashboard contains 2 resources: a Client Dashboard an Aggregate Data Dashboard These dashboards help you keep track of your clients’ results. The Client Dashboard allows your clients to see their information and stay updated on their projects. The Aggregate Data Dashboard allows you to view all of your client data, tasks, and projects live in one place.

The Sales Team End-of-day Report is a template that the sales team fills out at the end of each day, allowing you to track your sales team’s metrics daily. The template contains the report form template, a spreadsheet of results from the form, and a visual report of the spreadsheet data.

A growing social media following offers you more brand awareness, and it helps your followers think of you when they need the type of products and services you offer. The Social Media Growth Tracker is a spreadsheet template that allows you to track how your organic social media is growing, and the effectiveness of your social media strategy over time.

The Organic Outreach Leads Tracker is a spreadsheet template for tracking your organic outreach leads. This template is ideal for you if you often send out cold emails and messages as part of your marketing campaigns, and will help you determine which campaigns are successful, and which are not.

Your first setup

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This is the BeeProductive Company Blueprint which you can use as an example and a template to build your own company blueprint.

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Create your own 90-day coaching program with my 90-Day Coaching with this process map. It includes all the steps you need to create and implement a successful program. It’s a great visual tool to help you and your team brainstorm all the steps and components involved in setting up and launching your program, and helps you identify any processes that need to be changed or eliminated while building your program.

In this lesson, you’ll gain access to a process map to repurpose your content. You’ll learn how to turn one piece of content into several pieces that can be used for social media channels, blogs, and videos. Repurposing your content gives you a larger ROI for each piece of content you create, and saves you time and mental calories.

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The Podcast Process Map breaks down all of the components of creating and managing a podcast to gain authority and brand recognition. Creating a podcast is a low-budget way to build an audience and create a high-value network. Each time you record an episode or are a guest speaker on other podcasts, you build more authority in your industry and have the chance to promote your products and services.

A DiSC assessment, which was popularized by Tony Robbins, is a personality assessment focused on discovering what part of your personality holds you back and the part that helps you succeed. This process map offers a more organized approach to DiSC assessments and shows you how to create a DiSC assessment the right way. The DiSC assessments can be used as a training aid for your sales team to communicate with customers better.


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The SOPs are located within Miro, a collaborative whiteboard platform. The link is located within this lesson. Once you click the link, you’ll see SOP cards under the list of topics.. To access each SOP, click on the corresponding card and click the Expand button, which has two arrows. You’ll find a link to access the SOP for that card within each card. Each card in Miro works similarly, making it very easy to access the information you need.

This template offers you many different options to create SOPs that will help your employees complete their daily work and tasks, and allows you to track what’s getting done, track specific KPIs, avoid miscommunication, and achieve better productivity. Use the SOP Task List template to develop SOPs for everything your staff does for your business and its customers.


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This ClickUp template is designed to assess and sort your ideas according to importance or urgency, and can be used to determine if your ideas for new content or projects are a good fit for your business. With this template it’s as simple as entering your idea into a form which will create a new task in ClickUp, assigning the idea a “stage” in the review process and using the ICE (impact, confidence, ease) rating to see if it’s suitable for our time and resources.

This template creates a customer service desk for you to use within ClickUp. It includes automations that can send automated responses to customer queries. The template is very helpful as a customer service desk if your business is not large enough to use Zendesk or similar big-scale services. It allows you to assign customer service tasks to your staff, as well as flag tasks according to priority and set due dates. You’ll also be able to easily view which tasks are completed and outstanding, and see the workload on your staff.

This template offers you many different options to create SOPs that will help your employees complete their daily work and tasks, and allows you to track what’s getting done, track specific KPIs, avoid miscommunication, and achieve better productivity. Use the SOP Task List template to develop SOPs for everything your staff does for your business and its customers.

This template will provide a step-by-step structure to manage content production, repurposing and promotion within ClickUp. It includes primary content such as YouTube videos, newsletters, social media, podcast or blog series.


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The Customer Value Journey is a customer's path from becoming aware of your brand to becoming a raving fan of your brand. This lesson includes a template to help you define what the customer journey looks like for your business, and identify the specific events that need to occur (and in what sequence) to take a prospect, convert them to a customer and turn them into a fan that wants to promote your business to others. Make a copy of the template to fill out for each of your sales funnels to use it. It will help you optimize the step-by-step process of attracting and keeping your best customers.


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A paid masterclass is a one-off class taught by an expert in their field or industry. The funnel helps you solidify yourself as an expert in your field and increases your revenue as a course creator. You want to create a masterclass if you’re an expert in your field and have the knowledge to offer a high-value in-depth course that delivers an exceptional amount of information that customers can use and implement.

The quiz funnel entices a customer to interact with your brand by offering a free quiz for them to take. It offers value by giving away some free information in exchange for asking them to sign up to receive the free report of their results. Brands successfully use quiz funnels to gain engagement from their target audience.

A 5-Day Challenge is a fun way to engage with and offer tremendous value to your customers and fans, and introduce them to your products and services. Challenge funnels help your customers continue their journey to the next valuable offer you have available.

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The onboarding funnel is the process that takes people from becoming aware of your brand to actually paying for your products and services. You want this experience to be enjoyable so that they become raving fans of your brand.

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The Fulfillment Funnel is the funnel that your customers enter immediately after their first purchase. This funnel is your big chance to wow your customers with an amazing post-purchase experience. Use this funnel to reinforce your customer’s decision to stick with your brand.

The Sales Call Booking Funnel takes your customers from discovering your brand to booking an appointment. This sales funnel is important if you do organic outreach by making cold calls and sending messages. It is also relevant for customers directed to your funnel from your blogs or social media channels.

The Lead Generation Funnel generates qualified leads for you by offering something for free, like an ebook. Customers like free things, especially those that have great perceived value. Your offer makes new customers aware of your brand, and they become more familiar with you while moving further down the funnel.

In this lesson, you’ll receive a quarterly planning document template. Use this template to create a quarterly plan with short-term goals that help drive longer-term goals. This gives you a sense of progress and achievement as you check off each goal. Make a copy of the included template in either Google Docs or your word processing program of choice. Fill in the template at each quarterly planning meeting to keep track of your progress.

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