When John first came to us, he had just kicked off his mindset coaching program. He was really at the ground level – had just welcomed his first group of beta clients.

But man, he was swamped.

Picture this: John's burning the midnight oil, trying to onboard everyone, scrambling to create program materials on the fly. He was maxed out. No time for marketing, no time for sales – just trying to keep his head above water with this beta group.

So, he gives us a call, looking for some sort of lifeline.

His goal?

Streamline and automate enough of his process so he could actually breathe and focus on growing his program.

And that’s exactly what we tackled.

In the first 30 days working together, we managed to automate around 70% of his onboarding and fulfilment tasks. We also set up crystal clear SOPs for everything else and got most of his workload off his plate.

By the second month, John's team had expanded to four people. He wasn’t solo anymore, and get this – he pulled in six figures, $110,000 in revenue, in just his second month! Talk about a turnaround!

Fast forward to six months in, and John’s on a roll. He raised his offer price by 56%. And by month eight? His team had doubled in size to eight, and his monthly revenue? A cool $250,000, with an average profit margin of 70%.

But here’s the kicker – all this efficiency meant John was down to just managing two weekly group coaching calls. That freed him up to organize this fantastic live event, over 50 attendees, where he launched his second high-ticket offer.

Working with John?

It was a stark reminder of how the right systems and delegation can literally transform someone's business from barely surviving to absolutely thriving. It's like giving them the keys to a whole new kingdom.

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