Access Your Onboarding Blueprint

In this introductory video, you'll learn the essentials of accessing and navigating the Miro board that houses the onboarding process you've signed up to master. Here’s what you’ll cover:

  • Getting Started: Upon opening Miro, you might need to adjust your view by zooming and panning to ensure the entire onboarding process map is centered on your screen.

  • Understanding Miro: For those unfamiliar, Miro is a powerful visual collaboration tool ideal for creating flowcharts, mind maps, and brainstorming. It’s a space where you can visually organize your funnels and processes.

  • Viewing Permissions: Initially, you will have view-only access to the board. To make personal edits, you’ll need to sign up for a free Miro account. This allows you to copy the board to your account, enabling you to move items, assign tasks, and fully customize the map to your workflow.

  • Navigating the Board: The tutorial includes practical tips on how to navigate within Miro—using zoom functions and the right-click to pan around the board. You'll learn how to focus on different elements of the onboarding map, from wireframes of funnel pages to flowcharts detailing automated processes.

  • Interactive Elements: Highlighted is a Kanban board integrated into the Miro board, outlining tasks needed to implement the onboarding process effectively. This Kanban board serves as a visual task manager that will guide you through the necessary steps.


Client Onborading Process Map

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