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The Sting Operation is a Membership for People That Hate Memberships

Are you tired of signing up for libraries of probably useful stuff you won't or can't figure out how to use?

Me too! That's why this is different. 

There is a lot of useful stuff that you should probably use, but I'm also going to be there to help you figure out what to use, when to use it, and answer any questions you have about using it. Plus, when you just need something to get done and don't have time to do it yourself, I'll give you a discount on hiring us to jump in and take action.

Blueprints and Checklists

Stop creating everything from scratch. You get a done-for-you buffet of ready-to-use resources, maps, SOPs, and templates.

Training Courses

Stop learning by trial and error. Skip the painful mistakes and get right to the heart of what will have the biggest impact.

Helpful Humans to Answer Questions

Stop guessing what to do next. Cristina and her team are available via a private Slack community to answer your questions.

"Do It For Me" Discounts

Stop doing everything yourself. Members get discounts on done-for-you services so you can get help when they need it.

If you're struggling to put systems and processes into place in your business, joining the Sting Operation is a no-brainer. Cristina has created a library of truly useful and time-saving things PLUS you get access to pick her brain in her Slack community and get answers to your toughest questions quickly. You won't regret it!

Christina Hooper

Cristina is HANDS DOWN worth the investment at any level. She is brilliant and really helped me get our team organized, our systems organized, and get everything in the business primed, ready and able to scale up quickly. She has been invaluable to our operations on every single level and I highly recommend you sign up with her.

Chrystal Mahan

Better Processes = More Time for Fun

Your business is FULL of systems and processes right now. They aren't as efficient as they could be, but they exist.

Marketing, Sales, Operations... they all have tasks that you do that are made up of steps. Each step or combination of steps is a process that can be documented better, optimized, and in some cases even automated so you don't have to do them anymore.

You can get time back in your day by optimizing your processes.

And that's exactly what the Sting Operation Membership is designed to do.

With the Sting Operation...

  • You can use my templates and checklists to save time immediately with processes you're already doing.
  • You can start automating or delegating tasks and steps that someone at your level shouldn't be doing anymore.
  • You can get answers on where to focus first to save the most time with the least effort.

Are You Spending Your Time Wisely?


average hours worked each week by entrepreneurs


of your life is spent working or sleeping


of adults have deep regrets about their life

You only have so many hours to live your life, make an impact, and create memories.

I know that's a little dark for a marketing message, but that's a big part of why I do what I do each day.

Time is precious, and I'm able to help you optimize the tasks that aren't the best use of your time then I can literally give the most valuable resource you have — time — back to you. How cool is that!?

And my Sting Operation Membership is the coolest way to help the most people. You get my whole toolbox of time-saving awesomeness plus access to me and my hive of Productivity Engineers at BeeProductive.

Stats are based on this survey from Inc, this bulletin from Sage, working 47 weeks per year for 50 years, living to be 80 years old, and sleeping 8 hours per night.

Buying Back Your Time is Easier Than You Think

Step 1.

Start Your 14-Day Trial Membership

For only $1 you can gain access to the best membership you've ever seen. No fluff and woo-woo about investing in yourself... just real tactics, templates, and solid advice designed to give you back your time.

Step 2.

Schedule Your Onboarding Call

You're not going to be thrown into a pile of "stuff" when you first join. You'll be invited to a one-on-one call with me to get a customized Sting Operation Game Plan for your first 30 days so you know exactly what to focus on.

Step 3.

Take Back Your Time

Each week, I'll share tips and point out resources in the library that can help you continue to save hours. You'll start automating and delegating tasks to free your schedule and mind up for bigger and better things

The Sting Operation Membership Gives You All the Time-Hacking Awesome-Sauce You Need to Save Your Team Over 200 Hours Each Month.

20+ Hours Saved
Sting Operation Strategy Session

After you join the membership, you'll get a one-on-one call with me to create a 30-day Sting Operation Strategy Plan with the exact steps you need to take in your first 30 days to reclaim at least 2 hours of your time each week.

10+ Hours Saved Per Month
Private Slack Community

I don't want you to guess what you should do or which resource to use. That's why I'm also giving you access to my private community in Slack where you can ask questions and get help directly from me and my hive of Process Engineers.

40+ Hours Saved Per Funnel
Funnel Templates

Sales funnels are vital to move prospects from their initial contact with your business to the initial sale. I break down some of most popular funnels into easy-to-implement steps and tasks.

2+ Hours Saved Per Process
Process Maps

A process map is a flow chart that you can use to plan out projects or processes into steps that can be optimized to be faster, have fewer errors, and increase profits.

8+ Hours Saved Per Process Per Month
Automation Templates

Learn how to start automating essential tasks in your business so you can nothing slips through the cracks and you're saving time every day to free you and your team up for other tasks.

40+ Hours Saved Per Month
Strategic Planning Docs

Strategic planning templates allow you to fine-tune your marketing strategy. You’ll learn how to identify your ideal customer and document their journey through your sales pipeline. 

10+ Hours Saved Per Month
Reporting Templates

These reporting templates that allow you to track different metrics  and KPIs in your business such as leads, sales, finances, and social media follows PLUS some pull data automatically.

10+ Hours Saved Per Month
ClickUp Templates

Use these templates to create task lists, handle customer service inquiries, and create your SOPs. Each template is fully customizable and easy to access in ClickUp.

60+ Hours Saved Per Month

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are step-by-step instructions your team can use to carry out routine procedures, and I'm giving you access to 200+ SOPs that've created.

10+ Hours Saved Per Month

You have access to step-by-step training courses that will show you how to implement all these time-saving tools and processes into your business.

Who is Cristina?

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear." - George Addair

I know that what you want most is for your business to make it. With over 7 years of experience, I've helped entrepreneurs get hundreds of hours of their time back and scale their businesses to 7 figures and beyond.

If your business isn't bringing you joy, I can absolutely help.

I love everything about my work, but I'm most excited about guiding entrepreneurs to integrate process building in their everyday routine. I'd be honored to partner with you too!

Cristina is a long-time infopreneur, devoted mother to her fur babies, and loving partner.

What Our Clients Say

Chantelle Kadala

Writer & Content Marketer

If you're struggling with trying to figure out how you can do more, faster, and better then BeeProductive is a life changer. As a business owner with clients, there are dozens of processes, responsibilities, and deliverable getting juggled weekly. Specially, the SOPs (standard operating procedures) have really helped me manage my workflow and given me the ability to delegate and outsource tasks that don't require my personal attention to get done. That means I can focus on doing the profit work and not the admin work. That boost in productivity is priceless. I HIGHLY recommend Cristina and BeeProductive.

Karma Hunter

Conversion Strategist

I have downloaded the content SOP's. I really love the step-by-step instructions and how detailed the lists are. If you use their services they will deliver proven methods that are designed to drive results.

Responsive Video

Octav Victor


Christina is a wonderful person to work with. She is one of the first persons with who I collaborated, and regarding that, all the information delivered by her is well explained, well structured, and great overall. If it happened for me to not understand exactly something, she had the patience to explain and make sure it all came out good in the end. It's so nice when you work with patient people. I would totally recommend here, hands down nothing to complain about!

Mike Harvey

Business Growth Domination

Responsive Video

Huge Time Saver

Cristina's SOPs have been a huge time saver for me. This SOP pack helped me to take something that was a big process and make it simple AND it enabled me to repurpose a lot of the stuff that I was already doing. It also allowed me to delegate a big portion of that, which saved me a lot of hours every week.

Christina Hooper

CEO, Sparkitive, LLC


Cristina is a Bada** at Business Systems

I can honestly say I've never met anyone like Cristina before. She's got a natural talent backed by years of experience and has been crucial to the success of our Superpowers Into Sales 90-Day Accelerator Program.

She's been with me every step of the way from conception to execution helping me make sure that my team could handle the workload, our clients were excited, and that we over-delivered on the results. If you get the chance to work with her, take it!!

AJ Saunders

My Drean Haus

Easy to Follow Process

Cristina has the ability to breakdown complex processes into easy to follow steps that can be followed by anyone. This allows you to delegate key tasks and reclaim time, safe in the knowledge that the task will be completed using your benchmark. In a world of fluff, Cristina delivers gold that cuts through the noise enabling you to build your dream life.

Responsive Video

Ryan Salvanera

Coach and Freelance Consultant

I strongly recommend working with Cristina if you are ready to take your business to the next level. She has a way of helping simplify processes. No wasted time and effort. This was definitely evident in the SOPs that Cristina shared with me, as it helped my team streamline our digital marketing process. Thanks again, Cristina. More power to you and BeeProductive.

Dan Bennett

I-Minute Media

I’d heard of SOPs before but had never implemented one in my business. Cristina not only taught me how to do that, she gave me great reference materials that I can use to start creating my own SOPs. The templates Cristina offers when you work with her are not only actionable and applicable, they’re also GORGEOUS!

Start Your 14-Day Trial Now for Only $1


What is the full price after the trial?

After the trial ends, it's only $300 per month to continue your membership.

Can I cancel anytime?

Of course. You should only stay if you're getting value from being here.

Can I request things?

Definitely. I want to make sure that you're getting what you need as a member and I'm happy to take requests for new materials or trainings.

What do I get?

Immediate access to growing library of resources, support from the process engineers at BeeProductive, and discounts on done-for-you services.

I have questions first...?

Can I just buy the strategy session?

Of course. If you want to just purchase a Sting Operation Strategy Session instead of the full membership, then schedule a 15-min Clarity Call with me.