Customize the Process for DFY Services

In this video, we delve into customizing the onboarding process for service-based businesses, particularly those offering "done for you" services. Here's a concise overview of the modifications and considerations highlighted in the lesson:

The standard onboarding process laid out in previous lessons is mainly tailored for coaching or consulting services. For more hands-on service offerings, such as digital marketing or IT support, you'll need to make a few tweaks to ensure the process aligns with your operational needs and client expectations.

A key focus area is the onboarding survey. Depending on your service, you may require access to client accounts like Facebook, Google Analytics, or other platforms crucial for service delivery. This stage in the onboarding process can be adapted to collect necessary access permissions efficiently, either by including these requests in the onboarding survey or by creating a dedicated stage for account access collection.

It's crucial to balance the information and access requests to avoid overwhelming clients early in the relationship. Segment your requests into what's essential before the first major interaction, such as an onboarding call, and what can be gathered afterward. This strategy helps maintain momentum without causing friction or appearing overly demanding.

For businesses not using community platforms or extensive course materials, the indoctrination sequence needs reevaluation. Instead of community integration or course engagement, your sequence may focus on step-by-step tasks for clients to grant necessary access or provide specific information relevant to your services.

The video also walks through an example tailored for a digital marketing agency focusing on Facebook ads, showing how the onboarding process is modified to include steps like creating a Slack channel for client communication, setting up a Google Drive folder for shared resources, and adjusting the sequence of access requests to fit the service delivery timeline.

This lesson equips you with the strategies to customize the onboarding process effectively, ensuring it meets the specific needs of your service-based business while maintaining a smooth and engaging experience for your clients.

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