Onboarding Process in Action

In this video, we delve into a practical demonstration of how the client onboarding process is implemented within a CRM system. I'll walk you through the setup inside my CRM, which is a GoHighLevel white label called Bus Coach. Here's what's covered:

  • Onboarding Funnel Overview: I take you through a five-page onboarding funnel set up in the CRM, including a two-step order form, a welcome page, an onboarding form page, a scheduling page for the onboarding call, and a pre-call page. Each of these pages is crafted to collect essential information in a streamlined fashion, ensuring we don't request redundant details at any stage.
  • Automation and Workflow: You'll see the backend setup where different workflows are triggered by specific actions, such as purchasing a coaching program or submitting an onboarding form. These workflows handle everything from Slack notifications to contract settings and email communications.
  • CRM Pipeline Visualization: The CRM pipeline is shown with stages like contracts sent, signed, onboarding form submitted, and onboarding call booked. I demonstrate how cards are moved within the pipeline, with manual adjustments necessary only for no-shows or when onboarding is complete.

You’ve seen the blueprint on my Miro board, and you’ve witnessed the process in action within GoHighLevel. Now, let’s talk brass tacks. Building this from scratch can chew up hours of your time—hours that could be better spent driving your business forward.

Why start from zero when you don’t have to? My Done-For-You B-Z Onboarding snapshot is your fast track to getting everything we’ve talked about today without the sweat equity. Skip the setup headache and dive straight into reaping the benefits of a streamlined, professional onboarding process.

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